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Welcome to Bandito Burrito!

You've found our secret online hideout! Bandito Burrito is the truck on the run, bringing you the freshest ingredients and the fattest burritos. Our gang of bandits work hard to make sure our ingredients are always fresh your burrito is made the way you like it. Our burritos range from the classics—like bean, beef or chicken— to the wildest mashups you can imagine. (Did someone order a spaghetti burrito? We can do that!). We stay on the move, and can be found at a different secret location each day. Follow us on Twitter to catch up with us today!

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Our Awesome Reviews

"I know what you're thinking—who in their right mind would eat a weiner schnitzel burrito? I thouhgt the same thing, and then those roughnecks at Bandito Burrito changed my world forever. If eating this burrito is crazy, then the bandits are welcome to rob me of my sanity any time they want!"


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